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Recover Mac Files

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Files Supported

Supports various files like MXF, MUS, PTF, AAC, fh3 etc



Recover files with name, creation date, and sector number


MacBook Air Data Recovery

Are you looking to retrieve your lost MacBook Air file?

Is it possible to recover lost data from MacBook Air File?

Is there any software which can repair corrupted file of MacBook Air?

MacBook Air is the new product of Apple that is launched on January 29, 2008.13.3 inch model of the MacBook Air is first thinnest notebook in the apple’s MacBook Air Series. This MacBook Air provide certain advance features that are not present in the previous products of Apple like

  • Full sized Key Board
  • It’s slenderness
  • It’s multi-touch trackpad

Now a day users of MacBook Air are facing a common problem of corruption of file.This hostile situation arises due to several reasons.

Some of the common reasons that can affect the MacBook Air laptops are:-

  • Due to Overheating of your MacBook Air System
  • Trying to run more than one program simultaneously
  • Due to Malware infection
  • Power failure
  • Turning off your system in an improper way
  • Human generated Errors may affect your MacBook inversely
  • Blockage in master directory
  • Unintentional deletion of your MacBook Air

If you had taken backup of your important files of MacBook Air then it will help you to recover your all important documents. But if you had not taken the backup then you have to use third party MacBook Air Data Recovery Software. This MacBook Air File recovery Software use its powerful programming techniques to restore back all corrupted data from Mac hard disk and save it in a safe and sound place. This smart recovery software perform a very depth scanning to recover your files of different formats like, EPS, SHW, PS, plist etc.

Features of this recovery software:-

  • It supports Unicode format
  • Enable you to boot your system in case of system failure
  • With the help of Apple’s quick time you can preview audio/video file
  • It provides support for KDC and CRW file format
  • It is compatible with HFS or HFS+ file systems so you can also undelete your data from this type of file system