Recover Your Lost & Corrupted Mac Data!

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Recover Mac Files

Recovers corrupted and deleted Mac files within few clicks only


Files Supported

Supports various files like MXF, MUS, PTF, AAC, fh3 etc



Recover files with name, creation date, and sector number


iMac Data Recovery

Are you accidentally deleted your important documents from iMac?

Is there any question mark appearing at the time of System startup?

Is there any iMac data recovery software?

iMac is the new range of desktop computer that is provided by Apple Company. The first version of IMac is introduced in 1998.After this IMac is launched by the company in five different verities. IMac G3 had egg like shaped when used with CRT monitor. The latest version of IMac uses Mac OS X 10.3.9 version of operating System. It consumes 241 to 365 watts power. It uses three different types of CPU: Intel core i3, Intel core i5 and Intel core i7.This system uses NVIDIA graphics which gives best performance for graphics related application.

There might be certain situation which may degrade your IMac performance as well as can corrupt the file.

Some of the reasons which can affect your IMac System are:-

  • Creation of bad sector in iMac System
  • It might be possible that your master directory corrupted
  • Loss of image files from your iMac
  • Attack by Viruses
  • Accidental deletion of your documents, files
  • Not proper initialization of disk
  • iMac Partition getting formatted
  • Operating System Initialization problem

These are the common situations that can affect your day to day life. But in fact you do not have to worry about this, because with the help of third party iMac data recovery software you can recover your essential files, images or documents. This recovery software uses different scanning options like corrupted file recovery, lost media file recovery, quick recovery features. This iMac file recovery software enables you to Archives your documents in different file format like Stuffit (SIT), Minhex Archive (HQX), RAR Files (RAR), Zip Archive (Zip), Apple Script (SCPT) etc. This recovery software also supports different multimedia files like AVI, WAV, MOV, MIDI, AIFF etc.